Book Review – 时光微微甜 / Time is Sweet (HE)

Title: 时光微微甜 (Shi Guang Wei Wei Tian)

Translated Title: Those Sweet Times (DHH Translation/Novel Updates) / Time is Sweet (Shushengbar)

Author: 酒小七 (Jiu Xiao Qi)

Note: I cannot guarantee that this review is spoiler-free. However, I usually try to keep it free of details that might hamper your enjoyment of the story should you intend to read it after the review. I generally welcome spoilers because I am someone who likes to jump into a story only after knowing it has a good ending. So if you are like me, read on! 🙂

Summary: This story is about how the female lead, Xiang Nuan 向暖, began playing popular mobile game King of Glory 王者荣耀 in order to get closer to her senior Shen Ze Mu 沈则木, but ends up loving the game more. The male lead Lin Chu Yan 林初宴 is a fellow amateur King of Glory player who also a student at their school. Xiang Nuan and Chu Yan met in the game – which they both originally sucked at playing. Xiang Nuan quickly befriended him because she wanted to have a fellow newbie (the term they used was 菜鸟 which isn’t very polite 😂) to level up together. That way, their teammates’ curses and complaints will be directed at both of them instead of her alone. Haha! The 2nd male lead is Shen Ze Mu, who is well-known in school for his great results and good looks and is the subject of several girls’ crushes. Our male lead Lin Chu Yan doesn’t fare too terribly – with his great results and looks, he also makes frequent appearances on the school forums online. However, while there are people saying that he has a great personality and has many talents, there are a few accounts claiming otherwise and called his character into question. What is the truth?

Rating: 4.5/5

How I liked it: I loved it! This book is fun and a hilarious read! Haha, Lin Chu Yan is truly one of a kind. He is witty and more than a little sly. He hails from an illustrious background and his father owns a large company – but you can’t tell from the way Chu Yan behaves. This is because his parents are trying to teach him the value of money by cutting off his allowance. What does he do? This sly child attempts to extort money from his parents by soliciting sympathy online and acting poor. His schemes are met with varying degrees of success (his intellect was likely inherited from his equally smart parents), and each one more entertaining than next. His parents are hysterical as well – if you listen to the dad speak to the son, you’d think he was speaking with his enemy from the way they talked. When the dad threatened to donate all of his fortune to charity after he dies (this was after another one of Chu Yan’s many failed money-extorting stunts), Chu Yan replied that he wished his dad good health so that he can live forever. 😂 The interactions between Xiang Nuan and Chu Yan are always fun and Chu Yan has a way of tricking Xiang Nuan into doing things with him. It is hilarious how everyone kept warning her of how Chu Yan is secretly evil and asked her to be careful. What they don’t know is that she is keenly aware how evil and sly he is hahaha. That said, the main leads are well-matched and it is a pleasure seeing their growth from rookies to semi-professional players in the e-sport arena. A tiny gripe – too much details of the game were inserted in the story. The author goes into detail about the abilities of each in-game hero but it does not seem to contribute to plot development. Game rules can be a little confusing to a non-player. However, even when you skip those parts like I did (and have almost zero gaming experience), your enjoyment and understanding of the game is not affected. You’ll love this if you enjoyed You are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 by Gu Man!


Xiang Nuan: Remember how I told you that I began playing the game because of my idol?

Chu Yan: I know.

Xiang Nuan: I realised that I stopped liking him a long time ago. Now I have found my true love.

Chu Yan: And your true love is….

Xiang Nuan: King of Glory!

Chu Yan: Then my love rival shall be King of Glory

Xiang Nuan: Lin Chu Yan, you rascal!

Chu Yan: I am a rascal, and I will stick to you

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Reviewed on 30 June 2019

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